Bluefield State College Master Plan

We would like your input on the following questions. You may leave comments below.

1. What does BSC do uniquely well? How is it distinct?

2. What myth about BSC would you like to debunk?

3. How would you like to hear from BSC as an Alumni?

4. What opportunities for connection is BSC missing?

5. What improvements need to be made outdoors?  (i.e., infrastructure, walkways, outdoor spaces, landscaping, lighting,  signage, parking, etc.)

6. What is your favorite building, room, or space at BSC and why?

7. Name some improvements to facilities that need to be addressed in the campus master plan?

8. Why did you choose BSC?

9. How did you hear about BSC?

10. Where did/would you go to find out more about BSC?

11. What do you love most about BSC?  Would you recommend BSC to friends/family?

12. What is your favorite outdoor space on campus?

13. How can the “walkability” of campus be improved?

14. Any other thoughts or suggestions?

15. Would you take advantage of on-campus, or near campus housing if it were available?

16. What academic programs/curricula should be added at BSC?

17. What academic programs/curricula should be expanded and/or further resourced?

18. How should BSC accommodate growth (i.e., new buildings on campus or off campus, renovations, additions, etc.)?

19. What alterations or enhancements to the current facilities would enable the greatest improvement to the college and its programs?

20. What student life programs should be added?

21. What existing student life programs should be expanded or further resourced?

Feedback from by BSC Students and Faculty can be seen in the following link.

Open Session Building/Facilities (8/20/2014) Flip Chart Input By BSC Students and Faculty

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